Agri-food Sector

Green Projects supports the implementation of Total Quality Management (TQM) which is fully customized to the specific characteristics of the market in fresh agricultural products and foods, supporting the implementation of:

Agricultural Systems of Quality Assurance:

  • GlobalGAP (standard of the non-profit German company FoodPLUS GmbH)
  • Agro 2.1-2.2 (developed by AgroCert),
  • M & S G.A.P. (standard of Marks & Spencer),
  • Q.S. GAP (German Standard for export of agricultural products in Germany)
  • Gold Standard (minimizing Co2 emissions)

Food Safety Systems:

  • ISO 22000 (Food Safety Management)
  • QS (standard assurance covering the full range from production to trade)
  • IFS (quality at all stages of food processing after production)
  • BRC (technical food safety instructions)
  • Codex Alimentarius (limited claims system for small - family businesses)
  • HACCP (food risk assessment)
  • HR 3/11 (Market Decree on traceability)