Implementation and Project Management of European Projects

Our company has many years of experience in the implementation and management of European Projects. The services provided guarantee high quality level regarding to the proper project implementation in relation to the effectiveness and efficiency of technical, administrative and economic activity, partnerships’ strengthening, proper processes’ administration, information flows and documents, as well as relations with the Management Authorities of each Project.

Indicative provided services:

  • Proper and effective project management for the correct actions’ implementation to the Paying / Certification Authority, the Managing Authority, the Technical Secretariat, and the project partners.
  • technical support for the proper implementation of all project's  activities
  • financial management, financial monitoring of the project and composition of the required reports
  • monitoring of procedures and timetable, support for the collection of deliverables by all partners according to the specifications of each approved program
  • support for the organization for international meetings and events
  • technical-administrative and organizational support of project partners with the creation of specific supportive legal, administrative and accounting tools
  • preparation of business plans and guidelines that are necessary for the proper execution of the project activities
  • planning of necessary actions for the proper implementation of project activities and bureaucratic and economic completion