In the conditions of New Economy, human resources are one of the major factors in productivity definition for enterprises. This fact sets a top priority for each enterprise to search and identify problems and opportunities in order to take all necessary steps in organizational design and management, so as to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Green Projects provides a variety of integrated services to SMEs:

  • Planning - Organization - Re-engineering for Enterprises
  • Quality Standards - Certifications
  • Project Management
  • IT Services

We have also developed the Amb InBI-Tools, which is a specialized systems suite tailored to the specific characteristics of each SME to improve their performance. Having as a reference point scientific management, systems are based on documented methodologies and cover eight key functional requirements of companies and organizations, namely:

  • Management of organization’s dynamic - Amb InODMS
  • Human resources management - Amb InCMS
  • Study of employees and customers satisfaction of - Amb InECSB
  • Marketing procedures - Amb InMKT
  • Knowledge management - Amb InKM
  • Internal communication - Amb InICT
  • Improvement of business processes to achieve strategic goals - PISO®

More details about the suite Amb InBI-Tools can be found here.