Strategic and Business Planning

The unstable economic environment, in which modern enterprises develop, creates the need for a more effective monitoring of their strategic objectives implementation, in order to lead to a successful course.

Therefore they should have absolute knowledge and understanding not only of the objectives but also of the most efficient actions to achieve them.

For this reason, entrepreneurs, regardless of their companies’ size, need adequate support in decision making, which becomes complicated due to the large amount of data available.

Strategic Planning is the company’s process in order to determine its strategy, or direction, and decision making regarding to resources’ allocation, including the capital and human recourses in order to proceed with this strategy towards their vision realization.

The enterprises’ benefits from the development of a strategic plan are one the one hand to determine the approach to be followed in order to achieve the desired objectives and on the other hand to map the current situation of both the company and the environment (economic conditions, competition, etc.)

The Strategic Plan is a concise, clear and realistic document on which we enter up:

  • Current  situation analysis
  • Desired strategic objectives
  • Actions planning to achieve objectives
  • Design of the Implementation Plan
  • Expected Results
  • Evaluation Plan

The most critical and important factor in the success of a strategic plan is the commitment of the management in tracking the steps of strategic planning and support the enterprise in their implementation.