Supply Chain Planning

Green Projects has designed and implements an innovative integrated logistics system, focusing on agricultural products, that support production planning, logistics management in terms of optimization and full recording of the origin and path of a product from sowing to consumption (full path tracing). The logistics system that we implement allows product traceability in real time and helps:

  • To improve the products’ ordering and shipping processes
  • To immediate final consumers’ information on full track record of farm products that are consumed.

The requirements that the tracking mechanism has to cover when it comes to agricultural products that we implement are:

  • Inspection of the harvest and shipment process
  • Quality recognition and product control
  • Traceability to the local warehouse / packing plant
  • Crosscheck and process data in real time
  • Traceability from producer to the selling point ("from field to shelf")
  • Conditions during storage and transport (temperature, humidity, etc.)
  • Consumer information on the background of product