Information Systems’ Analysis & Design

The integrated method of information systems’ analysis and design followed by our company includes the following successive steps:

  • Strategic Business Goals Analysis.
  • Analysis of the present functional, organizational and technical structure of the organization.
  • Analysis of user requirements, in relation to organizations’ long-term perspective and the effects of the external environment (technological development, competition, etc.).
  • Analysis of critical factors that affect future satisfaction of the organizations’ objectives (critical success factors).
  • Logical design of the information system functionality to be built, i.e classification of information and its correlation, description of the production process, conversion and use of information, analysis of the correlation between the organizing image of the organization with the life cycle of information, etc.
  • Technical design of the information’s’ model and procedures on information use
  • Preliminary design of alternative scenarios for functional and technical architecture of the information system.
  • Choosing a scenario based on performance with regard to the critical success factors of the organization.
  • Extensive analysis of the selected functional and technical scenario in order to design in detail the information model, the operating procedures and the necessary technical infrastructure.
  • Standardization of the above to a specific development project of an information system.
  • Organization and definition of control mechanisms for project development information system
  • Analysis of the risk involved in implementation.
  • Instructions for quality control and evaluation of the information system that will be developed.
  • Instructions for maintenance management and change management