Information Systems’ Development & Installation

Our goal is to develop integrated solutions that meet the specific needs of each client and at the same time are characterized by speed, reliability and efficiency. Our concern is to create systems that are friendly and easy to use even by people without special computer skills, with the possibility of a multilingual operating environment, covering the needs of each user. All systems that are developed by our company meet high standards and requirements, with particular emphasis on the following issues:

  • Open Architecture and Expandability
  • Case Driven Information System Development
  • Data Integrity Assurance
  • Flexibility
  • Single Access Mode
  • Multilayer Architecture
  • Data and Application Security
  • Mechanisms to record user actions
  • Utilization of Existing Data Infrastructure
  • Applications Interface
  • Related options
  • Modular Architecture
  • Multilingua Support
  • User Profiles
  • Several Concurrent Users Environment
  • Support for a Large Scale Data and Transactions

For systems development modern and proven technologies are exploited, which provide the possibility of systems’ excellent operation, maintenance and expansion.

All systems that are developed by our company are accompanied by warranty. The warranty includes repair of any damage-problems, if any, and restoration of proper operation.

After completion of the warranty period, if requested by the client, our company undertakes the maintenance and expansion, through flexible maintenance and support contracts.