Telemetry and Fault Diagnosis of PV installation System

Telemetry and monitoring of photovoltaic installations, for all pv systems, are essential to achieve maximum efficiency in energy production throughout investment’s life, ensure quick repayment and the increase profitability.

Accurate and reliable data collection, processing and management in real time, enables all stakeholders (owners, maintainers, suppliers) to have full control of their PV systems, to monitor performance any time, to identify areas that require further attention, to increase the time of the proper functioning of their systems and to minimize damage and downtime.

Green Projects A.E. proceeded in the design and development of an Integrated Telemetry and fault diagnosis system PV-Ambience.

PV-Ambience is a integrated telemetry and fault diagnosis system for PV installations which is a modern, integrated, technologically advanced and at the same time a user-friendly solution for monitoring, controlling and general managing of photovoltaic installations. The system provides services 24×7×365 due to the seamless remote monitoring with automated analysis of errors in order to ensure optimal steady operation state of each station and where necessary to implement immediate emergency measures through our local network partners.

The Integrated Telemetry System and Fault Diagnosis PV-Ambience monitors and continuously checks the installation equipment in order to identify malfunctions, alarm conditions, collection and recording of statistical data and to produce aggregated performance reports.


More specifically, the system offers:

  • Centralized management and monitoring of the P V installment via portal
  • Autonomous operation of each PV installation with external intervention only when necessary
  • Recognition and management of alarm conditions based on models and operating scenarios
  • Handy interface for remotely determination of the alarms procedures on an individual basis and in a fully comprehensible and transparent manner
  • Processing and combination of alarms and all measured elements of PV installation by smart software in order to identify any malfunctions
  • Immediate notification for any problems or damage in the installation as to minimize the time that a part of the plant is off (possibility of sending SMS messages in case of an emergency alarm)
  • Regular performing control procedures on the equipment according to the manufacturers’ specifications
  • Measurement of the equipment performance (individual and overall)
  • Monitoring, recording, preservation of historical data and automatically generate reports for the supervised PV installation
  • Environment for creating reports using historical data (3D charts)
  • Secure and encrypted communication between control center and PV installation to avoid eavesdropping (required when 3G / GPRS connection applies)
  • Support multiple and geographically distributed PV installations using the same control center