On line B2B trading Platform

The on-line B2B trading Platform (Amb-InETP) supports the entire range of any commercial transaction, demand (direct & long term), offer, agreements on specifications and pricing, logistics and payments monitoring.

In the platform either the buyer informs the system for a specific purchase request, either the seller informs the system for an offer. Requests and offers are stored in a database accessible to platform registered users and are available with specific search criteria. The platform aims to act as a facilitator of the negotiation process with regard to trading terms and conditions, specific parameters and standards until the transaction’s acceptance by both parties. The entire negotiation history is maintained in a database and is available to the users community, as negotiations proceed. Whenever a deal is closed, the platform supports the management of the agreement and monitors the proper implementation with absolute transparency for both sides.

Details in terms of financial agreements and transactions can be forwarded electronically to the bank (as a third party) for transferring funds.