Design and Technical Study

Green Projects A.E undertakes to collect and analyze all necessary information so as to implement the investment plan and compile all necessary studies.

Our engineers, propose and analyze to the investor a number of implementation's alternative options so to proceed to the optimal decision. Then we proceed to technical analysis of solution that includes:


  • Specification & Quality Documents - Offers' & Suppliers' Evaluation
  • Construction Folder
  • Project's Management Folder

This information supplies the business plan and the feasibility study, that are carried out by our economists and business consultants.

At the same time all necessary information is collected for the preparation of the Preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Study according to current legal framework, which indicatively includes:

  • Project description, location and power, the type, technology used and general technical characteristics, objectives, significance, necessity of the project, description of alternatives
  • Environmental Condition, study of the area, non-biotic features, natural environment, human environment, environmental development trends
  • Rating-assessment of environmental effects, directions for minimizing environmental impact
  • Maps, Plans, etc.

Moreover, our legal advisors support the investor on issues related to the establishment required by the legislative framework and examine the conditions’ fulfillment for the inclusion in funded programs.

To Sum up indicatively we present the studies that will arise:

  • Technical and economic Study - Business Plan
  • Feasibility study
  • Detailed Technical Analysis
  • Preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Study