Licensing & Funding Procedures

Green Projects AE during the licensing procedure undertakes to collect and analyze all the necessary documents and supporting documents, as well as to conduct all the necessary studies in order to submit each dossier required by the Authorities according to the applicable law.

Our main concern is the completion of all proceedings in the minimum possible time. An important factor that will lead to avoiding delays is not only the completeness of the submitted documents but also the continuous tracking of each request.

Green Projects AE having executives with extensive experience in the implementation of co-financed (by national and EU resources) development and research projects, takes all the necessary steps so that each implemented investment, receives the maximum of public funding.

To achieve this goal, our company supports all clients, both in the search and selection of the most suitable program.

Indicatively the most common sources of public funding for RES are:

  • Development Law
  • NSRF Operational Programs
  • Actions of Regional Development
  • Research Actions

Financing activities may include one or more types of aid such as:

  • Grant
  • Leasing subsidy,
  • Tax exemptions
  • Employment subsidy

The investor under the guidance and the support of our consultants is able to select one or more sources of public funding, in order to achieve the lowest possible private or loan participation in the implementation of the investment project. During the guidance, the investor is fully informed about the opportunities and potential difficulties of any available funding program so as to be driven to the prope decision.

Green Projects S.A. is responsible for the feasibility studies dossier and the accompanying studies in accordance with the needs of each financial plan. Warranty of the positive assessment of funding requested, is the high quality of the submitted dossier due to the long experience of our executives.

Our consulting services to the clients continue after the approval of the project's accession into a financing program by providing ongoing support in accounting and administrative level, up to the stage of disbursements and total repayment of the project.