Monitoring & Preventive PV Maintenance

The program of periodic inspection and preventive maintenance includes two visits a year during which a regular annual maintenance of PV and the required periodic inspections take place. Furthermore it includes continuous monitoring of the PV functioning via telemetry that is already installed.

The program of continuous (via telemetry) and periodic control and maintenance include controls for:

  • Operation Performance
  • Photovoltaic modules
  • Support System
  • Cables (dc and ac)
  • Electrical equipment (tables, inverters, grounding, lightning protection)
  • Other equipment (meteorological instruments, fire detection and fire safety system)

All maintenance tasks shall be performed by trained personnel, while measurements for the installation performance are made in accordance with standard EN 62446 and with measuring instruments which are annually calibrated.

After maintenance and controls, a Maintenance Technical Report describing the work performed, the respective observations found and our proposals for better and safer operation of the PV is submitted.

Our program of continuous (via telemetry) and periodic inspection and maintenance Green Projects AE is certified by aleo solar GmbH.

In case of damage in command of the client, our company undertakes to intervene immediately to diagnose the fault and restore the normal functioning of PV. The response for the damages diagnosis is made at the latest within 48 working hours after the client’s command given the availability of the necessary repair parts.