During the construction phase we undertake the whole project’s supervision and execution, in order to be implemented in the framework of a strict schedule and at the same time to satisfy specific quality standards.

The implementation phase includes:

  • Equipment supply
  • Installation
  • Connection to the electricity grid
  • Signing contracts with the Authorities (LAGIE, DEDDHE) where required
  • Functional license, where required

Within the supervision of the construction Green Projects S.A. provides the following services:

  • Organizing and scheduling individual work
  • Standards compliance assurance according to the investors’ requirements
  • Equipment management
  • Constant crew supervision,
  • Precise compliance with standards and quality requirements during the installation phase
  • Ensuring the optimal management of project resources,
  • Identifying checkpoints and procedures’ approval,
  • Conducting reviews and quality controls

The construction of a PV installation requires special expertise and experience since it is a highly complex task. For proper management, a series of composite planning activities, organization, coordination and control is performed, which includes:

  • Achievement of objectives with corresponding compliance with the restrictions on time (time and resources consumption limitation)
  • Proper financial management (ensuring availability of resources at the appropriate time)
  • Achieve good communication for proper cooperation between stakeholders in the project,
  • Proper definition and compliance of the monitoring program and control of the execution path,
  • On time and correct decision making on specific critical points in the progress of the project.

Our priority is the Quality Assurance throughout the project's course. For us the Quality Assurance involves much more than a simple quality control. It is a continuous effort to achieve optimal results without wasting time and resources.