Specific Services on PV Systems

Our company provides specific additional services for operating Photovoltaic Systems such as:

Evaluation of PV Operation

During the evaluation we firstly check performance of the facility, according to a performance of power data analysis obtained by telemetry systems and then we visit the installation in order to perform all necessary tests and measurements.

Diagnosis of the PID Phenomenon

The gradual reduction of pv modules efficiency, due to the phenomenon of Potential Induced Degradation (PID) originated the 70s and is being studied since then. However, the rapid increase in PV installations nowadays and the dramatic reduction in the price of photovoltaic modules give a new dimension to the significance of the phenomenon by creating an uncertainty in particular to investors.

The issue is quite technical and the full understanding requires knowledge of physics and chemistry, for this reason we will try to approach this as simple as possible. Read more

P V Cleaning

A major parameter on which the efficiency of photovoltaic panels depends is the extent of light transmittance from the glass surface. This grade is reduced, in cases of dust concentration or from other impurities sticking on the scanner glass of the modules.

According to studies, it is estimated that an installation in Greece with P V panels' slope at 30 degrees, may have decline in performance of PV arrays averaged 15% (5% -25%). Read more